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The Science Of Religion

I sometimes mention an online course I took a couple years ago through the University of British Columbia on edX called The Science Of Religion. I wanted to retake the course to refresh my memory and found it isn't being offered again, but the course videos are still available to watch on YouTube. They are arranged in order by week on playlists. If you click on just the video tab for the channel you won't see them, you need to click on "playlists."

The Science Of Religion - Religion X Channel

This course changed my mind about religion in a few ways:

1.  It helped me realize religion is a product of evolution and some people are born more susceptible to becoming religious than others. 

2.  It made me understand that religion probably isn't going away anytime soon. While we may be able to educate most people out of believing the Earth is 6,000 years old and people rode dinosaurs, current religious beliefs will likely be replaced by new ones in the future.

3.  Religion wasn't always a bad thing for humanity and it may have been necessary at times to get us where we are now. That is not to say it has always been a good thing either. Watch the videos and you will understand.

Here are the main topics discussed in the videos:

  • Evolutionary and cognitive scientific approaches to the study of religion
  • The origins of religion, and its role in human life
  • How religion relates to morality, spirituality and atheism
  • The role of religion in current events and conflict hotspots around the world
  • The role religion may have played in the origin of civilization

"Drawing on new scientific advances, this religion course examines foundational questions about the nature of religious belief and practice.

The course is based on the idea that religion is a naturalistic phenomenon — meaning it can be studied and better understood using the tools of science. Religious belief and practice emerge naturally from the structure of human psychology, and have an important impact on the structure of societies, the way groups relate to each other, and the ability of human beings to cooperate effectively.

Topics to be covered will include traditional and contemporary theories of religion, with a special emphasis on cultural evolutionary models."

I highly recommend these videos to ANYONE interested in the Science Of Religion whether you are an atheist or theist. I learned a lot of new things and I'm sure you will too. The instructors, Edward Slingerhand and Azim Shariff, are excellent. You won't have access to written course materials but a whole lot of great information is included in over 30 videos. 

I suggest downloading the videos for reference as they may not always be available online in the future. I was a bit surprised to see they are still there and are public. If you learned anything new from watching them or want to give me feedback, please message me through my contact page on this website or write me at I may collect the comments and messages and do a future video about this.

UPDATE 8/6/2019: After receiving so much positive response to this blog post, I've decided to do a 10 to 12 video series on this topic over the next year. Look for the first video on my channel next month!

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