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The Cost Of Speaking Out Against Young Earth Creationists

My creepy internet stalker Gary Robokoff is at it again, and he seems to have come completely unhinged now. After my debate with young earth creationist Kent Hovind, one of his devout followers became so angry he decided to attack me financially by coming after my business and attack me personally by making over 150 really creepy videos. It's as if I have become his entire life. He says he prayed to his god about me and the message was clear, "take him out." He even goes through my facebook page and the pages of my children and uses the images to make memes and videos. 

Last year he tried to register my State registered business trade name and logo at the Federal level in order to attack my business by stopping me from using the name I have established over the past 12 years. We went in front of the United States Trademark Trial And Appeal Board and I accused him of fraud. He literally stole the name and logo right off my website. My opposition was sustained and he now has two judgments of fraud against him, but that hasn't stopped him as he applied to use the name again this year. This has already cost him several thousand dollars.

Isn't it amazing how some people who call themselves Christian can be so immoral and commit crimes, all the while pretending they are doing the work of their god because they actually believe (or pretend to believe) this god has spoken to them? People get angry when they read about this, and for good reason, but I would ask that no one do anything to retaliate against him. Please let the courts handle this. The poor guy has to be mentally ill and maybe eventually he will get the help he so desperately needs!


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