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Taming The Dinosaurs!

An article on a website called Apologetics Press titled "Why Do You Use Illustrations Of People Taming Dinosaurs" explains why they do just that, and according to them it is because "based on what we know, it could have been." The problem is they don't "know" that, it is what they were indoctrinated to believe. Here is their logic:

"God created humans with the ability to have dominion over all the animals (Genesis 1:26), including dinosaurs as well.

We can see mankind’s dominion over the animal world quite clearly. Trainers can teach vicious killer whales to perform tricks, they can teach lions to jump through fiery hoops, elephants to stand on tiny stumps, and bears to dance in the circus ring. If we know that mankind was given dominion over all the beasts from the beginning of creation, and we know that all kinds of animals, including reptiles, have been tamed by mankind, is it reasonable to conclude that humans tamed dinosaurs in the same way that other animals have been tamed? It certainly is."

There are a couple of serious problems here:

1.  There are a lot of animals that remain "untamed" and will likely never be tamed.

2.  Man never lived at the same time as (non-avian) dinosaurs.

Try to ride a zebra sometime or tame a shark. Most animals don't even have sufficient brain development to be trained. Ever tried to teach a mollusk to fetch or an earthworm to sit? 

"Evolutionists have long had a monopoly on dinosaur images in the marketplace. Secular children’s pictures, shows, and books about dinosaurs rarely depict humans in the presence of dinosaurs. When they do, it is projected as a humorous, unbelievable scenario such as in the Flintstones."

I had planned on a much longer response, but this is giving me a headache as FlintstoneTruthers sometimes do. I think I'll go read a book or clean the cat box. 

"What'll it be boys? Coffee, tea, or ichthyosaurus milk?"



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