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My Experience With Creationist Internet Stalker Gary Robokoff

He's a man obsessed. 

In July, 2017 I debated young earth creationism salesman Kent Hovind and it didn't go well for him.  Links to the debate can be found elsewhere on this site.  Gary P. Robokoff of Makinen, MN was member of a creationist facebook group where they were very upset Mr. Hovind had lost the debate.  He conspired with and was urged on by members of that group to attack me personally and financially. In February, 2018 this self-proclaimed "facebook debater," attacked me by stealing my business name and logo and trying to register them at the national level. He spent thousands of dollars, then threw in the towel and ran after an opposition was filed in front of the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. I received notice today that the opposition filed in the second of two trials was sustained  in my favor.

In addition to attacking my business, Gary P. Robokoff has uploaded videos at least 97 times to various YouTube and other social media sites since December of 2017.  These videos contain misinformation and outright lies.  Some are edited to make it appear I said things I didn't say, and all were made to harass me. 

Gary has stopped using his real name on social media and instead is possibly using fake accounts with names like Joanne Briones, Jordan Comparin, Tony Peterson, and Mike Huegel.  One former admin of a group he belonged to has confided that Gary uses fake IDs for many of these accounts and he has dozens of them.  What a sad life it must be when you cannot even be yourself on social media and resort to this sort of thing. Why is it that so many of those who speak loudly for Christianity are such bad examples of Christians? 

The Opposition that was filed with the United States Trademark Trial And Appeal Board can be viewed here:



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