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I Agree With NephilimFree

Well I think I finally met the bottom of the YEC barrel, at least among the YouTube community. Some guy who goes by "NephilimFree" took some clips from my debate with Kent Hovind and made a video saying I think creationists believe only a single layer was created during the biblical flood. I made a video response where I explained he quoted me out of context because Mister Hovind and I were discussing specific layers, including the last layer supposedly deposited, which would be the post flood boundary. Every creationist organization believes and teaches there are pre-flood and post-flood layers in the geologic column, but this guy stands alone claiming the ENTIRE geologic column was created during a "Noaich" [sic] flood. Here's my short video response below:


Then he makes another video where he just repeats the same thing over and over and over again. No evidence, no citations, just the incessant babbling of someone who not only doesn't understand geology, he doesn't even know what his fellow young earth creationists believe and teach about the flood myth. I have a feeling that responding to him again would just prompt the same kind of response so it's probably best to just let him be.  I do agree with the mantra he chanted over and over in his second video though. "There's no post-flood boundary, there's no post-flood boundary, there's no post-flood boundary...."  That's because there never was any biblical flood and there's no evidence for one anywhere. 

On a different note, I'm working on a new collaboration with Paulogia and we should have a new video done in about a week. I'm also looking forward to working with several others in the YouTube community soon!

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