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Hate Mail And Death Threats!

My Young earth creationist stalker has been at it again. I posted a video a while back about how he has been bragging about how much money he has and how he says the thousands of dollars he spent attacking my business last year by fraudulently applying for a trade name and trademark on my business name and logo meant nothing to him. I compared his comments about being wealthy and having "tons of money" to his comments in a public facebook group where he said on at least two occasions that if he has to stop working this Winter he will "lose his house and everything." The video was uploaded to YouTube, but he posted only part of it in a facebook group of Marine Veterans that had been stationed at Camp Lejeune. He posted an edited clip of the original video less than a minute long that shows some of the conversations he had there with a fake facebook profile and then he announces to the group using his other fake facebook profile that I have been mocking them. I wasn't mocking them and it was never my intent to mock them, I was exposing how he lies to people depending on who he is talking to.

Once again, I don't blame the Marines for their reaction, but I received hate mail on my personal and business accounts, people wrote places that I do business with, I got nasty phone calls, and I'm sure my name was smeared around in other groups and on other pages. This kind of deception is typical of my stalker. 

Anyone who knows me or is familiar with me knows I would never make videos for the purpose of mocking Veterans. I hope some of those who saw the links to this website and my business pages find this and understand that what he did was done out of malice and was just as real as the fake profiles he used to post it. I wonder what will happen to him once the Marines in that group figure out they were lied to by his fake profiles. It would be easy for them to expose his fake profiles by asking for the Military ID associated with each one.  

UPDATE: I want to thank the Marines stationed at Camp Lejeune who saw through my stalker's deception and who reached out to me. I hear he was scolded by the admins of the group and is no allowed to post his lies in their group. 

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