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Religious Fanatics On This Day In History

Not current news, but still appropriate on this date.  From the article:

“God allows bad things to happen” like the September 11 attacks and the San Bernardino shootings “to show us that we need him, you know, we’re desperate without him.”

If America does not return to God, she said, we’ll keep seeing “just the chaos at every level”… such as the Justice Department’s lawsuit against North Carolina for its new discriminatory anti-LGBT law,” which she said is “evidence that God has backed away and he’s removed His hand of blessing, favor, protection, and he’s just turning us over to ourselves.”

Religious extremism and political ideology drove the attack on 9/11, it had absolutely nothing to do with secularism, trans people, or the teaching of evolution. These idiots will use every opportunity to speak out and show the world what complete fools they are though. If the Western world were run by the likes of Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and this daughter of Billy Graham, it would be constant nuclear war until life as we know it ceased to exist. 

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