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Questions For Young Earth Creationists On Carbon Dating


Is the Sun less than 12 inches from my hand?

Is the ruler accurate?

If we use the C 14 method (good for up to about 55,000 years) to date dinosaur bones in layers known to be over 65 million years old by other dating methods, and we get age results of less than 55,000 years, does that mean the C 14 method is no longer useful?

In one instance a creationist organization submitted dinosaur fossils to a lab and they were dated between 20,000 and 39,000 years. One of these fossils had been on display in a museum and had been coated with a preservative. The normal procedures to eliminate the possibility of contamination were not followed. Contamination can also occur if the sample has been in contact with extraneous biological material, such as micro-organisms and if it has been exposed to ionizing radiation.

C 14 occurs naturally in the atmosphere and it is absorbed by every living land animal. All living animals will have the same amount of C 14 level with some known exceptions. When they die, the C 14 begins to decay into C 12 with a half life of 5750 years. That puts an upper limit on dating at around 55,000 years. Minor fluctuations in C 14 levels during different time periods have been noted and are accounted for during the dating process so we do know the amount we are beginning with going back at least 40,000 years.

All dinosaur fossils are found below the Cretaceous–Paleogene (or KT) boundary which is a layer that contains iridium deposited by the comet that caused the Chicxulub crater 66 million years ago. When dating any fossil this old we do not use the C 14 method on the fossil, we date the surrounding rock. The KT Boundary is the most "dated" layer on Earth and its age has been confirmed using multiple isotopic dating methods on different continents. The Law of Superposition is a fundamental law of geochronology and geological stratigraphy. That means if we find fossils below this layer and see no signs of folding or upheaval we know they are older.

Attempts by Young Earth Creationists to use the C 14 method to date dinosaur fossils are not to see if they can determine the actual date of the fossil. If the results come back at 40,000 years they don't believe the results, they use the data to try and say the method is flawed. Using the method in this manner is not honest or scientific.


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