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New Weekly Show On Leaving Young Earth Creationism 1st Episode!

Last night was the first episode of my new weekly show and I give credit to my guest, Luke Douglas, for making it go so well!  Luke is the Executive Director of the Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix and I've met him in person a couple of times over the past few months, once when he came to the museum where I volunteer for a tour and again when I visited the HSGP facility just a few blocks from the museum here in Mesa, AZ. In the first part of the interview he goes over what the organization is all about and his role there, then we talk about being raised as a fundamentalist Christian and how YEC and the Bill Nye/Ken Ham Debate eventually prompted him to leave his faith behind. 

There were a couple of glitches, the live chat showed up just fine initially in the StreamYard program I'm using and I tested to see if I could post to it right before we went live, but then it stopped updating. Not sure if it was because we went live or because I posted through the program but I will contact them and get that figured out. I had about 20 seconds of dead air at the beginning went we first went live so I used the online YouTube Beta Editor to remove that and it also deleted the live chat replay. If I had known it would delete the replay I would have just left it there. Live and learn, I guess.

Right now I have shows scheduled through the middle of October and others have already contacted me so it doesn't appear there will be any shortage of guests. If you have any comments or suggestions please leave them here or email me at


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