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My Creepy Stalker Had A Busy Weekend!

Kent Hovind's #1 Fan stayed real busy over the last few days creating a new video hosting website that he thought was "uncensored." He used my business name in the title and set out to attack my business and me personally. He also created 6 new YouTube channels in order to post links and promo videos for the new site. I read the web hosting company's Terms Of Service for his new site and he was clearly in violation, but I decided to wait a few days before reporting him just to see what he would do. He spent 4 days designing the site and uploaded over 60 videos about me that were filled with hateful and mocking content. He also accused me of lying about my education and lying to children, and encouraged people to contact the museum where I volunteer.

He was uploading videos to the site at all hours of the day and night, even at 3:00 am on Sunday morning. You could tell by the time displayed on videos on his YouTube channels. This is not normal behavior and suggests possible drug use like methamphetamine or cocaine. I sure hope he gets the help he needs soon before this ruins his life.

I waited until this morning to contact the hosting website and when they realized what was happening they immediately deleted his website and banned him from creating a new account. The customer service representative was very supportive and understood exactly what was going on.

I'm still considering filing charges in Federal Civil Court but his most recent trademark application for my business name is still in progress and hasn't been published for opposition so we aren't at that point yet. Federal Court is very expensive and so are the lawyers, and I doubt he has enough assets to make it worthwhile even when I get a judgment against him. If anyone knows a lawyer who specializes in Federal Civil Cases and who may be willing to help, please have them contact me at

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