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Is Human Caused Climate Change Real?

I wanted to take a minute and mention climate change, as it is an issue that may affect us dramatically in the near future. I was a huge skeptic of human caused climate change until just a couple years ago when I decided to look much more closely at it. How could just one species alter the climate of a planet without actually trying to? In order to understand more about it I took the following two online courses.

Causes Of Climate Change - University of Bergen

Our Earth: Its Climate, History, and Processes - University of Manchester

Lots of factors go into why our planet's climate has changed over the last few billion years including variations in our orbit around the Sun and the location of the Continents, but greenhouse gases can make the quickest change. Volcanoes can abruptly change the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere but this tends to be short term and not lasting more than a year or two for the most part. The amount of carbon dioxide in out atmosphere has increased at an alarming rate over the past century, the effects are accumulating, and there is no doubt humans are the cause. 

Recent studies show levels we've never experienced the entire time humans have occupied the planet.

"Carbon dioxide levels in Earth's atmosphere rose to levels the planet hasn't seen in 800,000 years in 2018, underscoring the impact of irreversible -- and increasing -- environmental damage due to human activity, according to a new federal report.

Carbon dioxide and other major greenhouse gases, including methane, and nitrous oxide, continued their rapid increase last year, while global sea level rose to its highest on record, according to the American Meteorological Society's State of the Climate in 2018 report, released on Monday.

Global average sea level rose to a new record high in 2018, rising for the seventh consecutive year, according to the report, which was compiled by 470 scientists in 60 countries."

Please look at the issue of climate change when choosing political candidates to represent you at both the local and national level. In the US, one party tends to be progressive and embrace science while the other seems to be more concerned about how much money they can put into their pocket right now at the expense of future generations. 

A simplified animation of the greenhouse effect. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech


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