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Humanist Society Of Greater Phoenix

This past Wednesday I met Luke Douglas from the Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix, which is located here in Mesa, AZ. Luke met me at the end of my shift and I gave him a tour of the museum while discussing their organization, its goals, and Luke's new role as Executive Director.  I visited their facility this afternoon to discuss possibilities and see more of what they have to offer. It is one of the only humanist groups with an actual community center and it is very nice and well maintained with 1800 square feet of space, a library for members, large meeting room with podium, PA system, projector and screen, and a full kitchen. 

The Humanist Community Center holds secular SMART meetings twice a week that are free and open to the public. These are self help groups that help people deal with things like addiction to alcohol, food, drugs, and an array of other issues. They are sort of a secular version of 12 step programs popularized by some religious organizations.

One thing I found very interesting and inspiring about Luke is that he is a recent convert from young earth creationism and was a fundamentalist Christian not too long ago. He still has his lifetime pass to the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum that were a gift from a family member! One of the big turning points for him was the Bill Nye vs Ken Ham Debate back in February, 2014. We will be collaborating on an upcoming video that talks more about what the Humanist Center has to offer as well as an interview where Luke talks about leaving young earth creationism as an adult after being raised on it throughout his childhood. 

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