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Have You Ever Wondered What Percent Neandertal You Are?

A couple of years ago my daughter got me the National Geographic DNA Test Kit: Geno 2.0 for my birthday after she heard me talking about it a few weeks before. It was a great gift and I think I got a lot of useful information, at least for the genetic information I'm interested in which is what part of the world I came from and how much Neandertal is hiding (?) in my genes. 

My family name, Ludlow, is Welsh or English and my ancestors were part of the Protestant colonization of Ireland back in the 1600's. My great, great Grandfather left Ireland in 1846 and settled in Ontario, Canada. My great Grandfather ended up in Michigan in the 1890's. My mother always said she was from the German/Polish border but not as much is known about that side of the family history so I was curious to find out what the test said. I know a lot of people have been really surprised by the results!

Turned out I was not surprised at all! With 56% NW Europe (Great Britain) and 35% Eastern European it was just as I would have expected. This particular test also shows the migration patterns my ancestors may have taken after leaving Africa, and again it really came as no surprise. Much of Europe was colonized be people coming from the East and Middle East within the last 30,000 years.

Another thing they tell you is what famous people you are related to and whether it is on your maternal or paternal side, using MtDNA and Y Chromosome analysis. Although I'm not closely related to any of these guys, I do find the group interesting based on my special interests, abilities, and political views!

Not all DNA tests are the same, that is for sure. Before you spend the money make sure you know what you are getting in return. If you want to know about potential medical conditions or if you have a lost brother or sister, this isn't the test for you. Many of the tests offer add-on options though after you send your DNA and get your initial results. There are different packages for different interests available. This particular test gave me all the info I was looking for. 




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