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Beware Of Imitations!

My creepy internet stalker has created three lookalike YouTube pages trying to steal traffic from my channel. This is the same guy who just can't find time to do a live debate, lol. 

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How Can DNA Last 430,000 Years?

A lot of creationists question the ability of scientists to recover and analyze ancient DNA, so when I was asked about this recently I took the opportunity to make a video that explains it. 


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Random Young Earth Creationist Stalker At It Again

This random guy who deleted his only real facebook account is at it again. He has posted over 100 videos about me now and I didn't think it was possible, but they are even getting worse. He focused on one thing I said in a debate with a guy named Eric Jewell about a year ago, and still doesn't under…

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A Disgusting Display Of Extreme Creationist Ignorance


I've seen several young earth creationists share this video of a man with microcephaly as evidence that either Homo erectus is alive today, or that if paleoanthropologists dug up a skull with these features they would automatically call it a different species.

I reported the…

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New Human Origins Training Video For The AZMNH

I was asked to do a training video on human origins for volunteers at the Arizona Museum of Natural History. This video does not include all the evidence from the time period discussed, but instead focuses on the fossils and materials currently available for volunteers there.


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John Hawks On Our African Origins

The following is a link to an excellent, recent lecture given by paleoanthropologist John Hawks in front of the American Society for Human Genetics. John Hawks is unique in that he has a background and education in studying both genetics and the fossil record. This conflicts with the young earth cr…

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Hate Mail And Death Threats!

Young earth creationist Gary Robokoff has been at it again. I posted a video a while back about how he has been bragging about how much money he has and how he says the thousands of dollars he spent attacking my business last year by fraudulently applying for a trade name and trademark on my busines…

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Dr. Charles Jackson BCE Fail

Dr. Charles Jackson, a rising star among creationism salesmen, was featured in Eric Hovind's recent Genesis 3D Movie and Eric presents him as a "genius" on his Creation Today website.

The problem is, Dr. Jackson doesn't come off as very intelligent. His presentations on human origins are fill…

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Do Creationists Really Teach That People Rode Dinosaurs?

Image from Ken Ham's book titled Dinosaurs Of Eden: Tracing The Mystery Through History published March, 2000 


I like to make the assertion that young earth creationists teach the earth is 6,000 years old and people rode dinosaurs, and some people are surprised or offended by this. It …

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Can Epigenetics Explain Punctuated Equilibrium?


This is not a new idea, but a new study published in the scientific journal Genes supports the hypothesis that epigenetic changes helped some species survive rapid environmental changes (1).  A recent article at (2) explains that although evolution by genetic mutation and natural …

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Troy Lawrence On Transitional Fossils And Neandertals

Troy Lawrence is a young earth creationist who wrote a book called Origins, and there is a page dedicated to him on this site with a link on the main page. I recently ran across some free audiobooks he is promoting on his YouTube channel and decided to review one on transitional fossils and Nean…

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Another Day, Another Creationist Fail!

I interact with a lot of creationists on facebook or witness their conversations with others. One well moderated group is called Creationism and it is also one of the largest. In a not so popular or well moderated group I recently witnessed this exchange where a creationist posted an article, then a…

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The Taung Child Announced 95 Years Ago Today

95 years ago today Raymond Dart revealed the Taung Child skull to the world and Africa became the central focus in our search for the origin of our species. Believed to be from a 3 year old child, the skull showed the first evidence for an upright walking ape and it was classified as a new speci…

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Radio Interview On The Age Of The Earth

Why Are So Many People Religious?

The simple answer is we have evolved to be religious. Our ancestors developed the ability to imagine things that are not there and it became a selective advantage. Imagine walking through a forest and hearing a twig snap. If you imagine there may be something threatening out there and you either r…

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Creationist Russ Miller Makes More Embarrassing Claims

Young earth creationist Russ Miller made a couple more embarrassing claims today on his personal facebook page.  There are no credible examples of human footprints found with dinosaur tracks and the most often used example, the Paluxy Tracks from Texas, has even been listed by major creationist …

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No, A Modern Human Knee Was Not Found In Layers Older Than Lucy

I've seen some recent videos and memes by some confused creationists where they try to make the case that the knee discovered by Donald Johanson back in 1973, the year before he discovered Lucy, was a "modern human knee" and therefore an out of place fossil. The misunderstanding stems from a 199…

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Year End Science vs. Creation Science Meme


Its almost time for my year end comparison of achievements between Science and Creation Science and I'm having a problem finding any significant achievements by Creation Science at all this year. So many achievements by science and so little contribution to society by creationists. Send me an …

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New Hominin Species? "Little Foot" Is More Like Humans Than Some Other Australopithecines


Move over Lucy, Little Foot is an older and more complete specimen and may just be a new transitional species all together!  After years of painstaking fossil preparation, the 90% complete skeleton of another likely human ancestor is now on display and papers are being published.  The Scientif…

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Meeting Primatologist Friderun Ankel-Simons

A mutual friend invited me to a small get together last week at the home of Primatologist Friderun Ankel-Simons, author of the book Primate Anatomy, which is in its third edition and the standard textbook on the topic today.  She and her late husband, Elwyn Simons, researched primates in Africa …

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