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Excellent Podcast On Denisovans

Republished with permission

Where Have All the Denisovans Gone?


New York Times writer Carl Zimmer and SAPIENS columnist Anna Goldfield help explain humanity’s ever-expanding family tree and why Homo sapiens outlasted our ancient relatives.



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Is Human Caused Climate Change Real?

I wanted to take a minute and mention climate change, as it is an issue that may affect us dramatically in the near future. I was a huge skeptic of human caused climate change until just a couple years ago when I decided to look much more closely at it. How could just one species alter the clima…

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Have You Ever Wondered What Percent Neandertal You Are?

A couple of years ago my daughter got me the National Geographic DNA Test Kit: Geno 2.0 for my birthday after she heard me talking about it a few weeks before. It was a great gift and I think I got a lot of useful information, at least for the genetic information I'm interested in which is what…

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Purchased SSL Certificate

A few people have written and mentioned it said "Not secure" to the left of the URL address in their internet browser when visiting this website. I went ahead and purchased an SSL Certificate so no need to worry about any communication or transactions here on my site at all.

"SSL stands for Secur…

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New Weekly Show On Leaving Young Earth Creationism Coming Monday Nights!


Beginning Monday, September 2, I'll be hosting approximately an hour long live show on my Main YouTube channel at 10 pm EST where we discuss current issues in science and/or creationism with a guest who is a former YEC. I've created a website page devoted to the channel and will be creatin…

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Young Earth Creationist Hoaxes Are An Everyday Thing


These posts above are from the facebook group Kent Hovind: the Man, the Ministry, and the Message. A YEC is called out on his use of a photoshopped image of a moth. I see things like this all the time. It is due to lack of research and a general disregard for the truth. When confronted wit…

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What Did Neandertals Eat?

It wasn't all mammoth legs or bronto burgers, that's for sure.  New studies into the diet of our ancient cousins suggest a varied diet depending on where they lived, just like we have seen with our species. In many regions and at different times, meat would have been plentiful like in Ice Age Eu…

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Just Bones In The Dirt?

National Geographic: Where you grew up, what you ate - your bones record your life

"Archaeologists use isotopic analysis to determine population movements and diets from chemical signatures in ancient human remains."

A recent article in National Geographic explains how we can learn an awf…

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The Science Of Religion

I sometimes mention an online course I took a couple years ago through the University of British Columbia on edX called The Science Of Religion. I wanted to retake the course to refresh my memory and found it isn't being offered again, but the course videos are still available to watch on YouTube.…

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Have I Created Another Monster?

What is it about some Kent Hovind fans that drives them to attack people personally and even go after their income? I just finished a 2 year ordeal with Kent Hovind's #1 Fan in Minnesota who came after the business I've owned and operated for over 12 years by attacking me online, trying to regis…

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Reaching The Next Generation Through Science

2019/2020 Nat Geo Live! Series

A couple of years ago I was chosen to be part of a team at our local museum that reaches out to children attending the National Geographic Live! presentations at the Mesa Arts Center here in downtown Mesa. Full presentations for adults are usually on a Wednesday…

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Taming The Dinosaurs!

An article on a website called Apologetics Press titled "Why Do You Use Illustrations Of People Taming Dinosaurs" explains why they do just that, and according to them it is because "based on what we know, it could have been." The problem is they don't "know" that, it is what they were indoctrin…

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Questions For Young Earth Creationists On Carbon Dating


Is the Sun less than 12 inches from my hand?

Is the ruler accurate?

If we use the C 14 method (good for up to about 55,000 years) to date dinosaur bones in layers known to be over 65 million years old by other dating methods, and we get age results of less than 55,000 years, does tha…

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More Arizona Geology Disproves Young Earth Creastionism


The Tonto Natural Bridge – A Creationist Nightmare 1.7 Billion Years In The Making

A slow cooling lava flow that became coarse textured rhyolite set the stage for what would become one of the most beautiful yet relatively little known attractions in Arizona 1.7 billion years later. Th…

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How Hybridization Can Help Explain The Neandertal In Us

Everyone who's ancestors came from outside Sub-Saharan Africa alive today has up to 4% Neandertal genes in their genome.  I'm 1.5%, I had my test done in 2017.  How is it that Neandertals can be considered a separate species, yet enough interbreeding happened in the past for them to live on in us …

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Tiktaalik Video Is Taking Off!

My video on the transitional fossil Tiktaalik is my #1 video during the first 12 hours so far, which really surprised me. It isn't an in depth look at the fossil and it's discovery, mainly just a refutation of the creationist argument that tetrapod tracks found in 2010 that are 18 million years olde…

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Our Local Secular Humanist Society Is In The News!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about meeting Luke Douglas, Executive Director of the Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix, and giving him a tour of our local museum where I volunteer. I also visited their facility which is not far from the museum and discussed joining their organization and workin…

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I'll Be A Presenter At The National GSA Meeting This September

No blog posts for the past week as I just returned home from camping with my girlfriend and her 3 grandchildren for the past 5 days and 4 nights up on the Mogollon Rim at 7,500 ft. elevation where the temperature is much nicer than here in Mesa/Phoenix this time of year.  Lots of fishing, hiking, an…

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blog post

I was a guest today on Steve McRae's YouTube channel where we discussed a recent debate. Kent Hovind presented his usual rehearsed nonsense. 

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Video Response To Eric Hovind

Eric Hovind and a friend recently visited the museum where I volunteer. I really wish I had been there that day, but I believe they went on the weekend.  The video below is my challenge to Eric.

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