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Finally Got A Saddle For This Bad Boy!

No time for a blog post today, but I did record a two part interview with Dr. Antoine Bret from Madrid, Spain where we cover a segment of Kevin Conover's course on Young Earth Creationism. The first video will be uploaded tonight and the second one tomorrow. In the meantime, here's a picture of me r…

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Monetizing YouTube, Patreon, And My New Amazon Page


When I first started this website and my YouTube channel, I never really gave any thought to monetizing my videos or making any money off of this. Discussing Creationism was just more of a hobby and studying Human Origins has been an interest of mine for decades. The more videos I've made …

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Late Neandertal Genomes And What They Can Tell Us

Back in March, 2018 an article published in Nature compared genomes of five Neandertals who lived between 39,000 and 47,000 in Croatia, France, Belgium, and Russia. They also compared these recent genomes with older genomes already sequenced and some from modern humans. The comparison shows that…

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Great Series On Early Humans By Stefan Milo

I've been real busy with stuff around the house this week and making videos so not much time to blog, but I want to pass on a link to a great video channel I recently found full of information on archaeology, anthropology, and history. 

Stefan Milo

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The Cost Of Speaking Out Against Young Earth Creationists

My creepy internet stalker is at it again, and he seems to have come completely unhinged now. After my debate with young earth creationist Kent Hovind, one of his devout followers became so angry he decided to attack me financially by coming after my business and attack me personally by making o…

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The Importance Of Lucy As A Human Ancestor Confirmed Again

A new paper published in Science Advances confirms that it is not likely that Australopithecus sediba from South Africa was ancestral to the Genus Homo, but was the result of a population that evolved in a different direction about 2 million years ago.  I have long believed this was the case ba…

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New Feature: Help Support What I Do On Patreon

A lot of people have asked me lately how they can help support what I do. I've created a Patreon account so I can spend more time as a volunteer educator at The Arizona Museum Of Natural History where I focus on teaching human evolution to children who attend on school field trips, so I can dev…

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Refuting James Tour's Video On The Origin Of Life

James Tour's video titled "The Mystery of the Origin of Life" on the Discovery Institute YouTube channel has been very popular with creationists and ID proponents (cdesign proponentsists). In this video, Dr. Gary Hurd discusses all the errors James Tour makes in just one short segment.

Link t…

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New Species Of Dinosaur Announced Today!

I attended the press conference this morning at the Arizona Museum of Natural History where I volunteer in Mesa, AZ announcing a new species of tyrannosaur, Suskityrannus hazelea, which means Hazel's Coyote Tyrant. Suski is the word for coyote in the Zuni language from the area where the discove…

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Earth & Space Day At The Arizona Museum Of Natural History

Yesterday I volunteered for the Explore Science, Earth & Space Day at the Arizona Museum of Natural History where I taught children (and their parents) about thermal mapping, how different earth surfaces absorb or reflect heat, and how humans are affecting the balance.

The Explore Science: E…

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YEC Salesman Russ Miller Rejected By Church


Russ Miller, who runs Creation, Evolution, and Science Ministries out of Flagstaff, Arizona holds seminars at churches across the country and hosts rafting trips in the Grand Canyon where he teaches young earth creationism to both children and adults. The name of his organization is all wr…

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Does It Take More Faith To Be An Atheist?

You hear it all the time, comments like "I don't have enough faith to be an atheist" (it's even a book title), or today I saw "[Science] requires more faith in the 'god' of random chance than we need to have in God The Father." Is it really the same kind of faith?

There are two types of fai…

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I Agree With NephilimFree

Well I think I finally met the bottom of the YEC barrel, at least among the YouTube community. Some guy who goes by "NephilimFree" took some clips from my debate with Kent Hovind and made a video saying I think creationists believe only a single layer was created during the biblical flood. I made a …

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Back From The Grand Canyon And Petrified Forest

I'm back from a visit to the Grand Canyon and Petrified Forest with lots of excellent photos that debunk creationist claims the layers were formed during a single worldwide flood. The Trail Of Time exhibit just west of the Yavapai Geology Museum gives everyone the chance to see what each layer looks…

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Scheduled Video Premier

I'm heading to Northern Arizona for a couple of days to show a visiting friend the Grand Canyon and some other sites, so instead of making a new video I have a video recommended by author Peter J. Reilly that was produced by Jonathan Schwartz of Interlock Media Films about crazy Dr. Dino.

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Paddle Faster, I Hear Banjos!

I never intended to focus so much time on Kent Hovind this week, but someone sent me a link to a facebook post where the locals in Repton, Alabama were discussing things happening around Kent's cult compound and I decided to make a video about it.

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Kent Hovind Eats Apricot Seeds And Appears Dazed And Confused

Mister Kent Hovind dedicated a video to me uploaded on 4/17/2019 where he was supposedly responding to a couple videos I made on the nonsense he peddles, but instead of addressing the content of the videos he chose to attack the comments on my latest video and personally challenge each one to a …

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Important New Skull Added At The AZMNH

I volunteer once or twice a week at the Arizona Museum of Natural History where I teach human origins to children on school field trips, or anyone who is visiting the museum that day. We've been slowly adding to our collection of skulls and stone tool artifacts and today we received the Bodo sku…

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Guest On Steve McRae's YouTube Channel Monday, April 15 2019

I was asked to join a conversation with host Steve McRae, a young earth creationist, and former young earth creationists and I sat in for the second half of the show. 

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My YouTube Channel Is Finally Taking Off

After uploading 80 videos the past couple years, it seems all that work is finally paying off and I'm developing a regular group of subscribers and commenters, and all this without paying a dime to promote them or paying for artificial views.  Since people seem to really enjoy watching Kent Hovi…

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