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Blog posts December 2018

New Hominin Species? "Little Foot" Is More Like Humans Than Some Other Australopithecines


Move over Lucy, Little Foot is an older and more complete specimen and may just be a new transitional species all together!  After years of painstaking fossil preparation, the 90% complete skeleton of another likely human ancestor is now on display and papers are being published.  The Scientif…

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Meeting Primatologist Friderun Ankel-Simons

A mutual friend invited me to a small get together last week at the home of Primatologist Friderun Ankel-Simons, author of the book Primate Anatomy, which is in its third edition and the standard textbook on the topic today.  She and her late husband, Elwyn Simons, researched primates in Africa …

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Homo Erectus - Great Example Of A Transitional Species


Creationists constantly make the claim "there are no transitional fossils." You can see it on every creationist website and in every discussion group every day of the year. They repeat this mantra over and over, even when given direct empirical evidence to the contrary. While there are lit…

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Great Lecture By Dr. Eugenie Scott

An EXCELLENT lecture by Dr. Eugenie Scott about how the foundation of Creationism is myth, why evolution is not myth, why that matters, and where do we go from here in reaching out to others while defending the progress we have made in areas of science education. This is a must for all who are inter…

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