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Paddle Faster, I Hear Banjos!

I never intended to focus so much time on Kent Hovind this week, but someone sent me a link to a facebook post where the locals in Repton, Alabama were discussing things happening around Kent's cult compound and I decided to make a video about it.

Kent Hovind Eats Apricot Seeds And Appears Dazed And Confused

Mister Kent Hovind dedicated a video to me uploaded on 4/17/2019 where he was supposedly responding to a couple videos I made on the nonsense he peddles, but instead of addressing the content of the videos he chose to attack the comments on my latest video and personally challenge each one to a live debate. 

During his video he eats several apricot seeds, passes them out to his small audience, and even suggests they feed some to the dog. Later on in the video Kent starts forgetting things and even greeted someone just arriving with "Welcome to Pensacola" instead of Lenox, Alabama where the video was being filmed. 

Apricot seeds contain cyanide and their toxic effects are well documented. I cover that in my video but Mister Hovind chose to ignore that and attack people who made negative comments about him instead. This is what people do when they know they cannot support their claims. His small audience laughs and cheers him on as he makes a complete fool of himself, oblivious to the danger of consuming cyanide. 

Important New Skull Added At The AZMNH

I volunteer once or twice a week at the Arizona Museum of Natural History where I teach human origins to children on school field trips, or anyone who is visiting the museum that day. We've been slowly adding to our collection of skulls and stone tool artifacts and today we received the Bodo skull that was purchased last week. 

The Bodo skull is an important example of Homo heildelbergensis (Homo rhodesiensis) which shows the transition between Homo erectus to modern humans and is also the common ancestor between us and Neandertals. The Bodo skull was discovered by Alemayhew Asfaw, Paul Whitehead, and Craig Wood in the Awash River Valley of Ethiopia in 1976. With a cranial capacity of 1250cc it is just at the lower end of modern human brain size. 

Before we had this specimen we had to jump from Homo erectus to Neandertals and archaic Homo sapiens without being able to show the transition in between so it is a welcome addition!

Guest On Steve McRae's YouTube Channel Monday, April 15 2019

I was asked to join a conversation with host Steve McRae, a young earth creationist, and former young earth creationists and I sat in for the second half of the show. 

My YouTube Channel Is Finally Taking Off

After uploading 80 videos the past couple years, it seems all that work is finally paying off and I'm developing a regular group of subscribers and commenters, and all this without paying a dime to promote them or paying for artificial views.  Since people seem to really enjoy watching Kent Hovind destroyed, I'll be making more of those videos like I used to a couple years ago. There is also a major update on the creepy creationist internet stalker who has been attacking my business coming soon.  If you haven't yet subscribed, please visit my channel and do so!


Eric Hovind Lies To Children About Dinosaurs

Eric Hovind has been promoting a fossil dig where children can "discover their own dinosaur" on both his facebook and twitter accounts as well as his website.  The dig is this weekend at the Peace River in Arcadia, Florida. The problem is there are no layers containing dinosaur fossils in that area and children have zero chance of discovering their own dinosaur. It is mainly Ice Age layers with some mammal fossils and a lot of shark's teeth. A permit is required to collect anything but shark's teeth, it takes about 2 weeks to get the permit, and that is not mentioned by Eric or the creationists who are actually leading the trip.

Here's what a legitimate site that books fossil hunting groups has to say about it:

Canoe Outpost

Mammoth image of animal that left fossils on the Peace River in Southwest Florida
"Fossil Hunting on the Peace River is a popular past time. Go to any boat ramp on the upper to middle Peace and you'll see fossil hunters. The best way to find fossils though is to rent a canoe or kayak and work your way down the river. In a canoe or kayak, you can get to fossil spots most can't get to. You can find all types of fossils including shark teeth, mammoth teeth, camel teeth, dolphin teeth, mastodon teeth, you name it. If it once roamed or swam over Florida, you might find a fossilized piece of history. The only thing you won't find are dinosaur fossils."

"Note: permits are only available from the link and take about two weeks to obtain. You do not need a permit if only hunting for shark teeth."

Dinosaurs sell, especially to children! When Eric was politely notified of his error on his facebook page, his response was to delete the comment. His claim that children might discover their own dinosaur remains. Selling a fossil hunting trip for children with the promise they might find their own dinosaur when the chance of that happening is zero is just wrong. If Eric had retracted or changed his claim after being notified of his error, one could believe he had made a mistake based on ignorance of what fossils are found there, but to allow it to remain after being corrected is blatantly dishonest. 

Kent Hovind Gets A Lesson On "Cavemen"

I haven't done a video on Kent Hovind for a while, but this "NEW" video in his seminar series was too good to pass up.

New Extinct Human Species Found In The Philippines!

A new species of extinct hominin has been described, Homo luzonensis, named after the Island of Luzon where it was found. This diminutive species was as small or smaller than the "Hobbit" (Homo floresiensis).  Not much to go by yet, but they have found several teeth, hand and foot bones, and one thigh bone.  Lots of questions remain, but we now know that in addition to Homo sapiens there were Neandertals, Denisovans, Hobbits, and this new species all existing together in Asia as recently as 67,000 years ago. This new species is unusual in that the foot bones are more primitive and resemble much earlier hominins like Australopithecus who were still partly adapted to moving around in trees. 

Below is the cave where the fossils were found.

From the Abstract:

"A hominin third metatarsal discovered in 2007 in Callao Cave (Northern Luzon, the Philippines) and dated to 67 thousand years ago provided the earliest direct evidence of a human presence in the Philippines. Analysis of this foot bone suggested that it belonged to the genus Homo, but to which species was unclear. Here we report the discovery of twelve additional hominin elements that represent at least three individuals that were found in the same stratigraphic layer of Callao Cave as the previously discovered metatarsal. These specimens display a combination of primitive and derived morphological features that is different from the combination of features found in other species in the genus Homo(including Homo floresiensis and Homo sapiens) and warrants their attribution to a new species, which we name Homo luzonensis. The presence of another and previously unknown hominin species east of the Wallace Line during the Late Pleistocene epoch underscores the importance of island Southeast Asia in the evolution of the genus Homo."

More problems for creationists who believe all these hominins were special creations and not related. The evidence for human evolution grows every year as we discover new species and compile more data. Our evolutionary history was a tangled bush with many intertwining branches, and there's is no evidence for special creation at all. 

Link to article in Nature Magazine

What has been found so far is pictured below:

Neandertals And Woolly Mammoths Evolved Genetic Similarities

A new study links convergent evolutionary changes within Neandertals and Woolly Mammoths with epigenetic and genetic modifications in response to the cold environment they both endured.  The Woolly Mammoth evolved in Arctic Eurasia around 600,000 years ago from an African ancestor. Neandertals evolved in Europe about 400,000 years ago, and also from an African ancestor. These two species evolved under the same conditions at almost the same time. The researchers compared genetic variants associated with adaptation to the cold climate found in both genomes and there were some definite similarities. There were similar genetic changes in the regulation of body heat as well as hair and skin morphology and color.

 "It can be reasonably assumed that the appearance of such similarities in gene pathways, alleles, and even haplotypes, is not accidental, and we believe they attest to a degree of parallelism in the process of adaptation process to cold climates."

Neanderthal and Woolly Mammoth molecular resemblance: Genetic similarities might underlie cold adaptation suite

Meidad Kislev, Tel-Aviv University

Ran Barkai, Tel-Aviv University

Documentary On Ken Ham's Ark Encounter To Premier Next Week

The documentary film "We Believe In Dinosaurs" is set to premier next week at the San Francisco Film Festival. It covers the construction and opening of Ken Ham's Ark Encounter amusement park and tries to get at the motivation behind it all. Looking forward to seeing this as it becomes available for a wider audience.


From a recent interview with co-director Clayton Brown in the Grant County News (Kentucky):


“(It is) the story of a controversial theme park being planned and constructed as seen through the eyes of those who are most impacted by it,” Brown said. “Our organization, 137 Films, creates documentary films about the intersection of science and culture, so that is the lens through which we view the story. While we are supporters of the scientific reality of evolution, we understand that this is a complicated story, one that involves people who are very passionate in their views on deeply personal issues. It’s always been our intention to be respectful and open, to listen and try to understand. That said, we are concerned, along with many Americans, about the state of science education in our country.”

“We understand that our ideas about science don’t align with theirs, and this might make it difficult for (Ark Encounter founder) Ken Ham and others to view the film in anything other than a negative light. But we believe if they see the film, they will see that they’ve been depicted as they presented themselves to us. Our goal in filming the creationists was to understand what they believe, and help others understand their belief system.” 


The film will be shown during the San Francisco Film Festival at the following times and locations:

Sat, April 13 at 2:00 pm -  Dolby Cinema

Mon, April 15 at 3:00 pm - Roxie Theater

Sun, April 21 at 2:00 pm - Grand Lake Theater

Link for Tickets


Thanks to Daniel Phelps for the heads up by posting about this on facebook.

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