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The New Mexico Museum Of Natural History And Science

I spent 2 days this past week in Albuquerque at the The New Mexico Museum Of Natural History And Science and the research facility across the street.  I delivered 7 sets of 270 million year old mammal-like reptile tracks to the research facility and examined the Permian tracks and vertebrate fossils there as part of my own research into what animals may have made the tracks I discovered here in Arizona. They now have 16 sets of tracks and 4 casts of the tracks I found and Dr. Spencer Lucas and I will be publishing our first paper on them in late March. 

Here are the tracks I discovered along with 4 casts that are now at the research facility.

They have the largest collection of Permian tracks in the world, with the larger ones on shelving and smaller specimens in hundreds of drawers. There are also lots of other trace fossils in this room along with coprolites, burrows, etc. What you see below is about 1/3 of the collection. 

I also spent hours examining Permian era vertebrate fossils of the same time period as the tracks I found in order to get a better idea of the animals alive at the time, their anatomy, and whether or not they may have left similar tracks. 

Dr. Spencer Lucas and I discussed our upcoming papers and came up with a strategy for determining a more exact age of the tracks along the Mogollon Rim here in Arizona. We located the area on Google Earth Pro to help determine where in the Coconino Sandstone they are located, near the bottom or the top, and made plans to examine the exposed sandstone nearby on the south edge of the Colorado Plateau with a drone to get an even closer estimate. 

We have another excavation planned at the track site at the end of May, then I will be making a video about all 3 excavations, the research I have done, and what animals may have made the tracks. 



My YouTube channel is coming along nicely, and my goal is to provide at least a weekly video and hopefully get to at least 10,000 subscribers by the end of 2019. In addition to the series on Kevin Conover's online course for young earth creationists, I'm working on a video about Citizen Science that will premier February 26 right after I'm on The NonSequitur Show with Dr. Lawrence Krauss. 


Video #3 On The Online Creationism Course

Video #3 in a series about an online course for Creationism taught by young earth creationist Kevin Conover of Educate For Life Ministries.


New Video On Creationist Arguments Against Transitional Fossils

In this video we take a look at young earth creationist Kevin Conover's segment on Transitional Fossils from his online course on Creationism vs Evolution.

Part 1 can be seen at

My live discussion with radio talk show host Kevin Conover can be seen at

The Non Sequitur Show January 29 at 9:00 EST

Live Tonight! Aron Ra and I will be discussing some of the hate mail and retaliation we have received after debating young earth creationist cult leader Kent Hovind and I will be discussing at length my legal experiences with creationist gone bad, Gary Robokoff, who has been attacking my business for over a year. This will be followed by a Video Premier on my YouTube channel that goes into detail how he committed Fraud against the United States Patent And Trademark Office and how he is still doing so today after recently stealing a copyrighted image from an artist and trying to trademark it along with my business name. Both the show and my Video Premier will feature live chat.

Here's a link to the Video Premier after the show.

Things That Make It All Worthwhile

I was talking about Human Origins with a group of children at the museum recently and I pointed to the image of Ardi (Ardipithecus ramidas) we have on wall and asked the kids what the big difference was between between her species and Lucy's species, Australopithecus afarensis. This young man looked at the image of Lucy, then walked over and placed his hand on Ardi's foot.

Sometimes it is easier to teach children than adults, especially adults have been influenced by listening to Kent Hovind videos or other young earth creationist nonsense. They might even say ridiculous things like "Lucy had no feet" or "You don't know if Lucy ever had children."


I spent this morning with museum employees and volunteers at the Mesa Arts Center for an amazing presentation of Wildlife Photography by National Geographic Explorer Bertie Gregory. Since his presentation was about wildlife, we took fossils of extinct wild animals from North America like the sabor tooth cat, triceratops, and other mammals and dinosaurs, explaining when and how they went extinct thousands or millions of years ago. What a great way to reach thousands of school children and teach them about our natural world. 

blog post

I despise headlines like these. Once upon a time, before we had a lot of fossil and genetic evidence, people thought human evolution was a linear process where we went directly from one species to the next, and because we hadn't found that many fossils they talked about "missing links." We now know that isn't how our evolution occurred. We have evidence that at any given time until around 50,000 years ago there were several types of humans (Genus Homo) around, although not always the same species as us. Homo floresiensis died out by 50,000 years ago and Homo neanderthalensis was gone by 30,000 years ago. As recent as 250,000 years ago there were as many as nine types of humans alive depending on how they are classiffed.
Our evolutionary tree is more like a bush with many branches that sometimes grow apart and then intertwine again, featuring separate populations with unique and sometimes transitional features. Natural Selection weeds out what isn't advantageous, and keeps those features that are better suited for whichever environment that population occupies. Over time the changes add up and what we see is much different than what came before, the further back you look, the more differences you see.

Appearing Live On The NonSequitur Show With Aron Ra And Special Guests

At 9:00 EST on Tuesday, January 29 I will be appearing live on The NonSequitur Show with Aron Ra and special guests to discuss Christian/Creationist retaliation and hate mail. I have had quite a bit of hate mail since my debate with young earth creationist Kent Hovind, and there is one story in particular that needs to be told. The NonSequitur Show can be found at

Creationist Memes And Photoshops

I've had a lot of butthurt creationists post memes and photoshopped images of me over the past few years so I thought I would share some in this video.

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