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Gary Robokoff Is At It Again

I had all of my creepy internet stalker's YouTube channels removed in a single day thanks to a new contact at their main office so I emailed him and told him I would remove all my blog posts and hide all the videos documenting his personal attacks and his attacks on my company Dirty Goat Productions, which I did. I emailed him and asked him to withdraw his application for my business name that he filed for the third time with the United States Patent and Trademark  Office and guess what his response was...  He created a new YouTube channel and started posting videos about me again. You just can't fix stupid, especially when the person is a young earth creationist with a grudge after my debate with his idol Kent Hovind.

Link to both court cases where Gary Robokoff ran away from charges in Federal Court

Documenting FRAUD on the United States Patent And Trademark Office.


Discussion on the NonSequitur Show about my internet stalker.


An update on my internet stalker.


A funny video someone made about my internet stalker.


Booted From A Facebook Group For Exposing YEC Hate Speech

"The friend argument is an argument used by people who want to claim knowledge about and/or sympathy with a group, by referring to their "friends" belonging to this group. It is commonly used to clear and absolve oneself from suspicion of racismxenophobia or other kinds of prejudice. It is a particular form of the "Not prejudiced, but…" statement."  

I posted a link to a video in the Creationism facebook group that features two young men who were raised young earth creationists discussing how the Bible says gays should be put to death as an example of what kind of youth we can expect when children are raised on literature and lessons taught by prominent YEC preachers like Kent Hovind and Steven Anderson. The young man who runs the YouTube channel and goes by the name "Guzman1611," a reference to the KJV 1611 Bible, is an open supporter of Kent Hovind and Steven Anderson as well as other hate preachers, and he has made videos featuring their anti-homosexual and anti-science views. Unfortunately he was raised on this nonsense and people like Hovind and Anderson are responsible for creating a new generation of hate mongers and science deniers. 

The main admin of the Creationism facebook group, Ryan Tipple, removed my post because he said it condoned hate speech. It appears Ryan, a young earth creationist himself, either isn't too bright or was just too embarrassed by what the kids in the video were saying and didn't want to see YECism associated with such talk. He can't escape the fact that many of the same people who promote the earth is 6,000 years old and people rode dinosaurs are also hateful bigots, but I guess he can censor people who point that out and remove them from his group. 

Below is a link to the video in question at a time stamp where they justify killing homosexuals by what is written in the Bible. There are many examples of hate speech throughout the video, and please report it to YouTube. Hopefully it will be taken down and the entire channel removed.

Rise Of The Synapsids Is Being Documented Here In Arizona

Above:  Images of ongoing Permian track research here in Arizona

The track research I've been doing here in Arizona helps document the rise of the synapsids from early amniotes at the end of the Carboniferous to the diverse group they became before their almost complete extinction at the end of the Permian. The two sites I have been surveying and excavating are different environments and different time periods. The newly discovered site is dated to at least 280 million years old, when the area was likely a swampland and river estuary with vegetation like ferns and early conifers.

The site I discovered at the top of the rim in the Coconino Sandstone a few years ago shows a much different environment at 270 million years old. It was mostly dry desert by then and no plant fossils have been found at all, although it may have been close to the shoreline of an inland sea. 

Our abstract for the presentation on the new discovery has been submitted to the Geological Society of America and if approved I will be the presenter at the GSA National Convention here in Phoenix this September.  

People are always asking what the trackmakers looked like, and this excellent video by PBS shows likely candidates from the early lizard-like amniotes to transitional species that led to more advanced and mammal-like animals like Thrinaxodon.

Here is the video I made recently on the new discovery.

New Video Interview!

I was recently interviewed for the new Evolution Soup YouTube Channel by Mark Torrender from London, England. Mark also hosts the popular Talk Beliefs channel, but in this video I wanted to focus on recent discoveries and developments in Human Origins and not creationism. I will be uploading a copy of this to my own channel in a few days. 

02:54 Homo luzonensis - New human species found in Phillipines

13:13 New Denisovan fossils unearthed

20:51 Australopithecus sediba new classification


 Evolution Soup on YouTube

Great News!

All 9 channels and hundreds of videos uploaded by my creepy internet stalker have been removed by YouTube and I now have an individual there I can contact if he uploads them again. I get to decide which videos and/or channels can stay and which have to go.  He's still trying to register a Federal Trademark using my business name but he has a big surprise coming soon regarding that, and he will find out all he did was waste thousands of dollars. 

New Video!

Some young earth creationists have brought up fields of rounded boulders or giant boulders at high elevation as evidence of a catastrophic worldwide flood. One creationist street preacher mentioned this very formation to me a few years ago, but I haven’t seen anything about it published in creationist literature. Whether it is glaciers, local flooding, or chemical weathering, there’s always a scientific answer that makes a whole lot more sense and is based on actual facts and evidence.

Review Of Kent Hovind's Dinosaur Adventureland On Yelp

SATURDAY 9/22/2018. 

Read Kathy R.'s review of Dinosaur Adventure Land on Yelp

"We saw people looking at us curiously from the cabins but no one else came to help us. This was creepy and reminded me of movies where unsuspecting victims meet their untimely demise."

I'm copying and pasting the whole thing here in case it ever is removed:

This place was deserted when we arrived. It was actually kind of creepy. 

First off it was in the middle of nowhere and there was one small sign as you go down the road to get there. 

When we pulled in it was hard to tell where to park as there was only a dirt patch and a handmade sign taped to a tree that said parking. 

There were about a dozen cabins which I supposed constituted the 'campground' but only one person came and greeted us and then promptly left. We saw people looking at us curiously from the cabins but no one else came to help us. This was creepy and reminded me of movies where unsuspecting victims meet their untimely demise. 

We went to the museum and gift shop and both were deserted though they weren't locked. 

We started walking around the grounds (I had to use the restroom) and finally after about twenty minutes a young woman came out of one cabin saying sorry,  she'd been fixing lunch. Ok I understand but what about all the other people who ignored us? I did call ahead the previous week to make sure they were open. 

Anyway she showed us around and gave us a tour of the inside of the creation science museum which was interesting. 

However the bathroom was broken and there was no way to buy anything at the store because the person who usually ran the cash register wasn't there. 

Also we were interrupted several times by people who wandered in wanting a tour or wanting to buy something, and each time the girl had to stop and go help them since no one else appeared to be working there. 

Outside there were other science activities but several were closed and my son got stung by a wasp on the slide. I know this could happen anywhere but despite the fact that the place was supposedly opened in April it seemed run down and not cared for and the fact that wasps were in the enclosed tube slide shows they aren't caring for their grounds. I sat down on some seats in the back porch and regretted it immediately as some sort of weird black powder rubbed off onto me and my clothes. 

We were very thirsty and wanted to get some water but they had none for sale so the girl went and got us paper cups with water (no ice - it was a 95 degree day) which we had to split amongst our party. 

The young woman who helped us was very nice and seemed sincere so I'm giving a star for that. But the fact that the place was deserted, there didn't seem to be any campground or access to the lake as advertised on the website, and you couldn't even find a bathroom or buy cold water or make any purchases makes me give it really low marks. The creepy atmosphere didn't help. 

We won't be back.


Reaching The Next Generation Of Young Earth Creationism Salesmen

Yesterday the Standing For Truth YouTube channel uploaded a video that supposedly showed evidence for preserved ancient trees that existed before Noah's Flood. The channel is run by a young man who is quite a fan of Mr. Kent Hovind.  They showed several images of Devil's Tower in Wyoming. While geologists don't all agree on details about how it formed, they do all agree it isn't made of petrified wood and it certainly isn't a tree stump that is only a few thousand years old. I made a couple comments on their video and posted a screen shot on my Creation Science Fiction facebook page

It appears they must have done some actual research on the formation and the video was taken down.  You rarely see this with young earth creationists, and I see this as a good sign. Although some people were mocking and making fun of their ignorance in video comments, it seems to have worked this time. Rather than doubling down and standing by what they posted, this time they at least listened to the feedback and realized they couldn't defend what was presented in the video. 

I've been asking the owner of the Standing For Truth channel to participate in an online discussion on young earth creationism via Google Hangout for a couple of weeks now. I also have asked him to invite Matt Powell and the young man who goes by Guzman1611 on YouTube. My goal is to find out how they came to believe in a young earth and why they believe it is so important to reject evolution.

If you are interested in the various hypotheses on how the Devils Tower formation actually formed, there's some great information on the National Park Service website.

Great New PBS Special On Whale Evolution This Week!

"From voracious crocodiles and acrobatic birds to stupendous whales and majestic elephants, When Whales Walked: Journeys in Deep Time follows top scientists on a global adventure as they follow clues from the fossil record and change what we thought we knew about the evolution of iconic beasts."

Check the link below for a more in-depth promo video and find out when it will be broadcast on your local PBS channel.

 PBS - When Whales Walked: Journeys in Deep Time


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