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New Hominin Species? "Little Foot" Is More Like Humans Than Some Other Australopithecines


Move over Lucy, Little Foot is an older and more complete specimen and may just be a new transitional species all together!  After years of painstaking fossil preparation, the 90% complete skeleton of another likely human ancestor is now on display and papers are being published.  The Scientific Journal Nature reports "‘Little Foot’ hominin emerges from stone after millions of years."  

"The first of a raft of papers about ‘Little Foot’ suggests that the fossil is a female who showed some of the earliest signs of human-like bipedal walking around 3.67 million years ago. She may also belong to a distinct species that most researchers haven’t previously recognized."

Seriously though, this in no way diminishes the importance of Lucy and does not replace or remove Lucy from our list of transitional species in the fossil record.  What we continue to find is there was much variation and even many hominin species alive at any one time in our evolutionary history. This is the only hominin we have found over 3 million years old with longer legs than arms though and that makes it a very important discovery. Some creationists like Dr. Charles Jackson have tried to say we have a problem with showing how and when that happened, but Little Foot certainly fills that gap. 

"The paper covering limbs and locomotion3 reveals that Little Foot’s legs are longer than her arms, similar to modern humans, making her the oldest hominin for which we can be sure of that feature, says Crompton. This means that Little Foot was better adapted to walking upright on the ground than many other australopiths, at least some of which seem to have spent more time moving through trees."

One of the two papers published makes the case for including Little Foot in the species Australopithecus prometheus, but not all paleoanthropologists agree. Lee Berger is also planning on publishing about Little Foot and once all the data is recorded and published, he may suggest a new species name.

"Lee Berger, an archaeologist also at Wits University who was not involved in the excavations, but is working on publications about Little Foot, disagrees with the decision to resurrect A. prometheus. In a paper that is scheduled to be published on 10 December in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology, Berger argues that the name A. prometheus was never properly defined.

He hasn’t yet decided whether Little Foot constitutes a distinct species — but if she does, Berger thinks a new name is needed."

It will be an interesting debate to watch unfold as more data becomes available, and hopefully many will now focus their effort on searching strata of a similar age to see if more fossils like Little Foot will be found. 

Meeting Primatologist Friderun Ankel-Simons

A mutual friend invited me to a small get together last week at the home of Primatologist Friderun Ankel-Simons, author of the book Primate Anatomy, which is in its third edition and the standard textbook on the topic today.  She and her late husband, Elwyn Simons, researched primates in Africa and Madagascar and contributed much to what we know about primate evolution today.  They were also personal friends of Richard and Mary Leakey.  

Here is a link to some of Fiderun's published work:

I listened to some great stories about the Leakeys in Africa and about other paleoanthropologists and paleontologists.  I even got an autographed copy of her book!


Homo Erectus - Great Example Of A Transitional Species


Creationists constantly make the claim "there are no transitional fossils." You can see it on every creationist website and in every discussion group every day of the year. They repeat this mantra over and over, even when given direct empirical evidence to the contrary. While there are literally thousands of transitional species in the fossil record, lets focus on just this one for now.  Early Homo erectus clearly exhibits cranial traits of late Australopithecus, yet anatomy from the neck down is much closer to modern humans.  Above we see how similar the skulls of late Australopithecus africanus are compared to early Homo erectus

Transitional features of Homo erectus:


Intermediate in height between earlier species such a the australopithecines and later species such as Homo sapiens, Homo erectus males averaged 5' to 5.5' tall.


Homo erectus skulls were shaped differently than modern humans and show intermediate features between earlier species and us. They had larger brow ridges, larger neck muscles attached to the back of the head, and a shallow sloping forehead like more primitive species.


Homo erectus cranial capacity was intermediate between earlier species and later species. Their cranial capacity averaged 70% of modern humans, but at least 50% larger than previous species. More recent specimens have larger cranial capacity than those that are a million years older.


While anatomy from the neck down was very similar to modern humans, arm and leg bones were more dense like we see in australopithecines and Neandertals.


Early Homo erectus teeth were intermediate in shape and size between modern humans and australopithecines, but later H. erectus specimens have smaller teeth more like us.


Besides transitional anatomical features, evidence shows H. erectus made specialized stone tools, hunted game, and may have mastered the use of fire much like us. There is no evidence earlier species like the australopithecines were that far advanced, showing they were transitional as far as technology and culture goes too.

Great Lecture By Dr. Eugenie Scott

An EXCELLENT lecture by Dr. Eugenie Scott about how the foundation of Creationism is myth, why evolution is not myth, why that matters, and where do we go from here in reaching out to others while defending the progress we have made in areas of science education. This is a must for all who are interested in the evolution/creation controversy in today's society.

My Experience With Creationist Internet Stalker Gary Robokoff

He's a man obsessed. 

In July, 2017 I debated young earth creationism salesman Kent Hovind and it didn't go well for him.  Links to the debate can be found elsewhere on this site.  Gary P. Robokoff of Makinen, MN was member of a creationist facebook group where they were very upset Mr. Hovind had lost the debate.  He conspired with and was urged on by members of that group to attack me personally and financially. In February, 2018 this self-proclaimed "facebook debater," attacked me by stealing my business name and logo and trying to register them at the national level. He spent thousands of dollars, then threw in the towel and ran after an opposition was filed in front of the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. I received notice today that the opposition filed in the second of two trials was sustained  in my favor.

In addition to attacking my business, Gary P. Robokoff has uploaded videos at least 97 times to various YouTube and other social media sites since December of 2017.  These videos contain misinformation and outright lies.  Some are edited to make it appear I said things I didn't say, and all were made to harass me. 

Gary has stopped using his real name on social media and instead uses fake accounts with names like Joanne Briones, Jordan Comparin, Tony Peterson, and Mike Huegel.  One former admin of a group he belonged to has confided that Gary uses fake IDs for many of these accounts and he has dozens of them.  What a sad life it must be when you cannot even be yourself on social media and resort to this sort of thing. Why is it that so many of those who speak loudly for Christianity are such bad examples of Christians? 

The Opposition that was filed with the United States Trademark Trial And Appeal Board can be viewed here: