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The NonSequitur Show on Tuesday, February 26 With Dr. Lawrence Krauss!

I will be talking about the importance of citizen scientists and the contributions they make, and Dr. Lawrence Krauss will be discussing his upcoming projects. Don't miss this show!

The NonSequitur Show on Tuesday, January 29 at 9 pm EST

I was featured on a The NonSequitur Show January 29 where I exposed the guy who has been attacking my business for over a year, along with having some lighthearted fun with Aron Ra and the hosts. Here's a link to the episode:

And here's a link to my Video Premier that followed that show.


2018 Science vs. Creation Science Meme


Pre-cambrian Rabbit?

The one thing that would falsify evolution and they've never found it. 


Great day for science education and science activists in Arizona! Overview of the issues and my appearance on the NonSequitur Show.



Random Genetic Mutation Is Beneficial To Humans

The Creationist argument there are no beneficial mutations has been invalidated many times, but this recent study shows exactly which mutation caused brains to grow larger in early hominins.






I am uploading some of my favorite original memes to a page where you can copy and share them if you want to.

New Creation Museum TV Ad With Appropriate Music Added

Dr. Mary Schweitzer And Paul G Humber of CR Ministries

Dr. Mary Schweitzer Sums Up Young Earth Creationists And Their Arguments In Less Than One Minute

Ken Ham Talks About Riding Dinosaurs